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A MAJOR project examining the legacy of the Northern Ireland Troubles is to be launched by The Detail, it can be revealed today.

From Monday a new off-shoot of our award winning website will be dedicated to examining issues linked to the decades of conflict, and to assessing their impact on the present and the future.

Produced with the support of the Community Relations Council, The Legacy will begin with a series of special reports released throughout February.

The first three parts of the project will be published in partnership with The Irish Times. The newspaper will report on interviews conducted by The Detail for The Legacy, while video reports and data from the project will feature on

Beginning on February 3, The Legacy will seek to shed light on controversies at the heart of the conflict, investigate the social costs of violence, and examine the international experience in transforming communities blighted by violence and division.

Stories will be accompanied by extensive video coverage.

They will also include data projects aimed at identifying how legacy issues affect communities across Northern Ireland and beyond.

And you will be invited to take part in the debate.

Our coverage will be promoted on social media.

On Twitter we’ll ask you to use the hashtag #TheLegacy to join the conversation.

Peter Osborne, chairperson the Community Relations Council, said “The Community Relations Council is delighted to support the initiative taken by The Detail to investigate and comment upon a broad range of issues and opinions about the legacies of the past.

“This is difficult, challenging and complex work but it is necessary; not just to understand the past but to understand, recognise and acknowledge what happened and its impact on others.

“We hope, whether people agree or disagree with what is included, there is an active engagement with the breadth of the material and as a result real learning for the future.”

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