Armagh doctor in London: "There aren’t enough ventilators to go around"

Dr Cillian Ó Coinn is a consultant in HIV medicine from Armagh and has been working on the frontline against COVID-19 in one of London’s central teaching hospitals. He has since tested positive for the virus, but he is mending well.

This chart shows the number of emergency incidents in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland which required paramedics to cross the NI/ROI border to provide additional support. The data is from October 2015 - when ambulance data in the Republic was first collated in electronic format on a centralised database - to March 2018. The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service attended 221 cross-border emergency calls in the Republic while their counterparts in the National Ambulance Service responded to 132 incidents in Northern Ireland during the timeframe. See also the chart 'Ambulance Call-outs from Northern Ireland to the Republic (by county)' in our Data Guide Brexit.

Data source: Northern Ireland Ambulance Service and the National Ambulance Service (Ireland)