LucidTalk joins The Detail Network

THE Detail Network is extending its membership with the addition of the managing director of a leading UK polling company.

Bill White, founder and owner of LucidTalk, will be bringing his expertise to The Detail Network.

LucidTalk is a member of all recognised professional polling and market research organisations including the UK Market Research Society (UK-MRS), the British Polling Council (BPC) and ESOMAR (European Society of Market Research).

Bill joins other CEOs of private sector businesses including Ian Savage of SureCert, Anna Valli of City Radar and Stuart Johnston of Atto Partners who joined The Detail Network last year.

He commented: “The Detail Network is an ideal vehicle for sharing skills, expertise and experience across a wide range of organisations and individuals. Hopefully LucidTalk’s unique experience with polling in Northern Ireland, and in particular political and social issues polling, will be of value to The Detail Network.”

The Detail Network was launched in December 2018 as part of an initiative to encourage collaboration between journalism and private sector organisations.

As part of the venture The Detail, a not for profit investigative news website, has been offering its services for revenue-raising commissions.

These have included The Detail’s team of journalists, editors, graphic designers and camera/edit producers working on paid projects such as investigative research for a broadcaster, fixers for TV work, design/infographics for reports and editing.

This revenue is then re-invested back into The Detail to enable it to contribute to public debate on issues which have implications for society. It also allows The Detail to offer our journalism content free to the public and other media outlets.

In addition members of The Detail Network collaborate on projects maximising each of their strengths.

Paul Gosling, a writer and public speaker who specialises in the economy, accountancy and the public sector said: "Through my membership of The Detail Network I have been able to discuss collaborative ventures, which has led to one joint bid for work with a Network partner. I am now involved in other conversations with fellow members of the Network which I hope will lead to further tenders and ultimately additional contracts for work.

“Our Network meetings have themselves been beneficial by enabling us to discuss work opportunities and how our skills can be applied in areas beyond those in which we normally operate."

Atto Partners is a branding and digital agency; SureCert provides digitised background checking and identity verification for employers; City Radar a Traveltech analytics platform and SmartCities app and Lucid Talk offers full polling/market research services.

To find out more about commissioning The Detail Network and its members for projects, contact Lindsay Fergus on 028 9031 5930 or email [email protected]

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