The RUC - A forgotten story?

"The stories have to be told" /

A SPECIAL project is telling the “untold story” of life inside the RUC and the handover to the new Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The creation of the new police structures, a key moment in the peace process, is depicted in the play `Crows on the Wire’ that was launched at the end of 2013 by the Verbal Arts Centre.

The Detail interviewed some of the key players involved in bringing the story to the stage.

The newly commissioned play, which lifted the lid on the human story behind the changeover, was part of a wider project.

The play gives a human voice to the stories of serving officers whose personal lives and families became severely fractured through the turmoil of the Troubles.

But this year will also see a Crows On The Wire graphic novel, an educational resource pack for schools and a story-telling symposium in May.

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