Timeline of Taylor's capture

Timeline of Taylor’s capture:

In March 2006, Taylor disappeared from his compound in Nigeria, but is caught by local forces.

On March 29, Operation Kilbride is put into action, led by Col. Paul Pakenham.

The mission was to get Taylor safely from Nigeria to the Special Court for Sierra Leone, based in Freetown (Sierra Leone’s capital).

Taylor arrived at Roberts International Airport in Monrovia (Liberia’s capital) aboard a Nigerian plane.

Irish forces cordoned off the airfield and allowed UN officials to arrest Taylor.

He is flown by UN helicopter to Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he is put under guard by troops under Pakenham’s command.

1. April 6: Col Pakenham starts planning for Operation Lansdowne – getting Taylor out of Africa completely.

2. June 19: Order is given to commence the operation.

3. June 20, 2.10am: Taylor is told he is going to The Hague.

4. June 20, 9.40am: Aircraft takes off bound for Europe.

5. June 4, 2007: Trial begins.

6. March 10, 2011: Taylor’s defence case rests. Taylor pleads not guilty to all 11 charges (see below)

7. TODAY: Taylor found guilty on all counts.

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